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This report by the Virginia Department of Education was developed through consultation with its newly-formed Continuity for Learning Task Force. It provides guidance for educators to meet the immediate needs of learning beyond the classroom and limit the expansion of existing learning gaps among students. Members of the Commonwealth Learning Partnership served on the Continuity for Learning Task Force and contributed to the recommendations included in this document.
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SURN Blog: Communication: The Beginning and Ending of Leadership

Administrators can advance their goals when they collaborate with staff.
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Gallup: School Engagement Is More Than Just Talk

Research by Gallup indicates the importance of engagement for both students and educators.
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SURN Blog: It’s a Process, Not a Technique

This multi-step process ensures educators analyze and respond appropriately to student feedback.
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Aurora Institute Issue Brief: Transforming Teaching

This policy brief explores the work of Virginia’s education community to increase capacity amongst learning professionals for personalized, deeper learning.
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