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Virginia is For Learners Initiative

Over the course of the last several years, Virginia has deliberately engaged in efforts to modernize its public education system in order to ensure students receive a balanced learning experience that captures both the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a changing workforce and economy. Months of hard work by dedicated public servants across state leadership, school districts, professional learning institutions and non-profit organizations culminated in the 2019 launch of the Virginia is For Learners campaign - a long-term, future-minded education agenda aimed at empowering and supporting students.

The story of the Virginia is For Learners campaign is also the backdrop for Commonwealth Learning Partnership’s creation and continued efforts to support future-ready students through investment in professional learning and upskilling opportunities for Virginia’s education workforce. To learn more about Virginia’s work to create and sustain this initiative, as well as lessons learned throughout this process, read and download our brief by clicking below.

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