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Modernizing Virginia’s Public Education System For Our Rapidly Changing World

Virginia has been working for several years to modernize its public education system to prepare high school graduates for a changing world and workforce. This can be seen through the development of the Profile of a Virginia Graduate and the Virginia Department of Education’s Virginia is for Learners campaign. To further this effort, Virginia state and local education leaders developed several companion profiles that provide a vision for how the classroom, educators and education leaders can best support students and prepare them for the future. These companion profiles provide a rich understanding of how the classroom experience and educator workforce influence student success. The Commonwealth Learning Partnership puts these profiles into practice to build and support a more vibrant, prepared and supported educator workforce. You can learn more by reading our thought pieces below.

Virginia's Story    Connecting the Profiles
Voices from the Field

The COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges to education, educators, families and students. Some of these challenges are ubiquitous, while others differ across school districts and communities. As educators, parents, students and communities of Virginia adapt to changes in our teaching methods and learning environments, the Commonwealth Learning Partnership invites reflections from educators and education leaders on how they are experiencing this time and what they are learning.

Would you like to share your thoughts, recommendations, or requests for how learning can improve during this time and in the future? Send us your story or reflections by filling out the form to the right.

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Educator Heroes

Amid this global crisis, educators across Virginia have met challenges with resolve and perseverance in order to ensure students remain nourished, empowered, educated and protected. The Commonwealth Learning Partnership wants to highlight the above and beyond commitment these professionals show to their students and to the importance of education.

Would you like to nominate an educator (such as you or your child’s teacher, counselor, or principal) to be spotlighted on our website? Share with us how they are going above and beyond for students by clicking below. We will reach out for more information.