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The Profile of a Virginia Educator

The Profile of a Virginia Educator describes the knowledge, skills and dispositions an educator should exemplify in order to cultivate student preparedness. The rubric was borne out of research conducted in 2018 by EdPolicyForward: The Center for Education Policy at George Mason University, who organized in-person focus groups with educators across the Commonwealth to determine the factors that contribute to educator success. Throughout this process, EdPolicyForward recorded responses from participants and processed their answers to develop an actionable framework. In the spring of 2019, the profile underwent consideration by several groups of teachers, administrators and teacher preparation faculty. The Profile of a Virginia Educator acknowledges the important role educators play in preparing a student for life after high school. Educators should be familiar with a variety of pedagogical approaches as well as an awareness of how students learn and grow. Methods to ensure content knowledge remains applicable to real world experiences is also an important concept for educators to grasp. The profile also underscores the importance of approaching work with an equity lens, understanding diversity among students and being culturally-responsive and sensitive to these differences.

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