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The Commonwealth Learning Partnership consists of Partner Organizations and a Supporter Network. We meet regularly to remain apprised of how our collective and individual efforts are aligning and advancing across Virginia and to determine our near and long-term goals. Are you interested in joining ? Learn more about how we are organized:

Partner Organizations.

Those who make up the Partner Organizations contribute directly to advancing the Profiles of a Virginia Educator, Classroom, and Education Leader. Whether through professional learning seminars, studies, training programs, research or resource materials, Partner Organizations engage in efforts to modernize, expand and enrich the learning experience of Virginia educators and education leaders, according to those frameworks.

Partner Organizations are eligible to receive funding to aid efforts, whether individually or as a collective, that advance the Profiles. These activities are undertaken for the benefit of the entire education community and, by extension, to help ensure Virginia high schoolers graduate with what they need for the future.

In consultation with the Partnership Director, Partner Organizations guide the trajectory of the Commonwealth Learning Partnership by determining its agenda, goals and the strategy to achieve them. Together, the Director and Partner Organizations set direction for the Partnership and promote public communications of the Partnership.

Supporter Network.

The Supporter Network is composed of supporting organizations and individuals. These members demonstrate a commitment to supporting education modernization either across Virginia or in their local communities. They may support or design content that contributes directly to the Profile of a Virginia Graduate or one of the contributing Profiles of a Virginia Educator, Classroom, or Education Leader. The Supporter Network is critical to the diversity and reach of the Commonwealth Learning Partnership as these network members have unique insights and issue area depth to influence the overarching success of the Partnership.

While members of the Supporter Network do not directly contribute to the partnership agenda and structural management of the Partnership, their voices are acknowledged during any Partnership decision-making process. Network members can make specific recommendations, propose projects and receive support from the Partner Organizations. Members of the Supporter Network are also eligible to participate in Partnership-branded events, webinars and trainings. To remain apprised of Partnership activities, these members receive regular reports with the latest decisions, upcoming events and actions accomplished by the Partner Organizations.

National Partners.

Our National Partners include organizations with multi-state or national operations that are nonprofits or for-profits. To become a National Partner, an organization must meet one or both of the following criteria: engage in multi-state or national education advocacy and professional learning efforts that include, but may not be limited to, activities in the Commonwealth of Virginia; and/or serve as a national intermediary or network representative working on relevant education or workforce issues, that have a demonstrable positive impact on Virginia education and Virginia educators.

Given a National Partner’s reach and name recognition, upon accepting membership the Partnership requests that these entities consider acting upon additional opportunities to help further our shared efforts to support educators and students across the Commonwealth. Similar to the Supporter Network, National Partners do not directly contribute to the policy development and structural management of the Partnership, although their insights are acknowledged during any decision-making process. As an added benefit, the Partnership also commits to activities that highlight and extend brand awareness of National Partners to stakeholders across Virginia. These activities include promoting events and/or resources by National Partners as well as extending opportunities for these members to serve as moderators, facilitators or sponsors of any Partnership-branded events.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner Organization, Supporter Network member, or a National Partner, please fill out the email form or contact Director Gena Keller directly.

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