Our Collective Work

Reinvest in Virginia’s Education Workforce

Our Collective Work

The Commonwealth Learning Partnership was founded on the idea that educators, education organizations and institutions of higher learning work best when we work together. Through the Partnership, our members combine focus areas and expertise to provide new, integrated resources, trainings and support to Virginia’s education workforce, at no cost to the individual educator. Our initiatives reduce silos that tend to exist in the education field. Together, we are working to provide necessary and relevant support to Virginia educators and education leaders who, in turn, make their investments in the growth and development of Virginia students.

The following are a list of activities organized by the Partnership:

      Educator Advocacy Trainings and Virtual Bootcamp

      In October 2020, the Partnership launched its education advocacy training series as a means to help educators enhance their public advocacy knowledge and skillset. The series has included both real-time virtual workshops with public policy experts as well as a series of recorded dialogues with experts. This series focuses on the ways in which public educators can be advocates, engaging with education policy at the local, state, and federal levels. To access the recorded trainings for free, visit our Events & Videos page.

      Beyond the Book: A Call to Action

      Through this ongoing virtual series, the Partnership collaborates with authors of new and relevant books on education modernization. Beyond the Book sessions include an intimate conversation with the author, followed by small group discussions on the content of the book as well as the Virginia and school context. These sessions provide educators with the opportunity to consider and discuss methods of teaching that promote innovation and deeper learning. They also provide attendees with unique access to leading national and state experts who can assist them in reflecting on the challenges and opportunities that educators and students face today.

      Voices from the Field: Submissions & Live Events

      Through a submission form on our home page, the Partnership invites submissions from across Virginia on personal reflections related to the experience of teaching and learning during this time, including recommendations for how education in the Commonwealth should adapt moving forward. As schools began the fall 2020 semester, the Partnership hosted multiple “Voices from the Field: LIVE” sessions featuring educators from various Virginia counties to discuss return-to-school and pandemic schooling efforts. Through these virtual events, the Partnership has connected educators from across and within school districts and allowed them to share and recommend resources to one another.

      Educator Heroes Campaign

      The Partnership believes in the importance of uplifting and amplifying stories of educators who go above and beyond professional expectations to teach and support their students, families and communities. Through this initiative, located on our home page, we invite visitors to nominate an educator they know to be featured in our public communications as an “Educator Hero.”

      Learning from Our Partners Series

      This ongoing virtual series serves to spotlight the unique work our member organizations are undertaking to modernize Virginia’s public education system and support its education workforce. Through one-hour workshops facilitated by the Partnership, our members present customized resources and trainings, freely available to any Virginia educator or education leader,enabling attendees to network, learn and collaborate on methods that can actualize deeper learning across classrooms.

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