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The Commonwealth Learning Partnership is a diverse collection of non-profit organizations, education groups and higher learning institutions. Currently, our organization is composed of Partner Organizations, Supporter Network members and National Partners who successfully execute or support professional learning programs and analysis that advance the Profile of a Virginia Educator, Profile of a Virginia Classroom, and Profile of a Virginia Education Leader.


School University Resource Network (SURN)

The School-University Resource Network (SURN) began in 1994 as a partnership of the School of Education at the College of William & Mary with Virginia K-12 school divisions to conduct relevant research and provide professional development in order to promote quality teaching and learning.

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Virginia Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (VASCD)

Virginia ASCD, an affiliate of ASCD, is a membership organization dedicated to advancing excellence in Virginia’s schools. We are teachers, superintendents, university professors, building leaders, teacher education students, and central office leaders. We represent a variety of roles, but we share a single purpose- ensuring a world-class education for every Virginia student.

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The Virginia School Consortium for Learning (VASCL)

VaSCL is an educational consortium composed of more than sixty public school divisions from across Virginia. The organization is dedicated to providing high-quality professional learning and promoting professional collaboration among educators in order to improve instruction and increase student achievement.

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Virginia Association of School Superintendents (VASS)

The Virginia Association of School Superintendents (VASS) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the mission of providing leadership and advocacy for public education in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Founded in 1885, VASS has fulfilled this mission for more than a century and the association continues to be a prominent leader among all Virginia education organizations with its influence in the field and in policy making at both state and federal levels.

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William & Mary School of Education

The William & Mary School of Education prepares transformative leaders for a rapidly-changing world and educational landscape. Our faculty, students, alumni and partners are constantly working to create new knowledge in the fields of educational theory, practice and policy — then taking that research and developing meaningful ways to put it to work in classrooms and clinics.

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EdPolicyForward: The Center for Education Policy at George Mason University

EdPolicyForward: The Center for Education Policy at George Mason University promotes equity and improved educational outcomes for all students, preschool through college and beyond. The Center connects research to policy and practice, developing and advancing effective and pragmatic solutions, and driving meaningful public discourse on closing the persistent achievement gaps in our education system.

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UVA Curry School of Education and Human Development

The Curry School is considered one of the leading education schools in the country. Our evidence-based approach to developing leaders in the practice of education, health, and human services, is paired with rigorous and practical research. Our students work closely with faculty to discover innovative and proven-effective methods that address challenges in schools, clinics, and communities across Virginia, the nation and around the world.

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UVA K12 Advisory Council

The UVA K12 Advisory Council was formed in 2001 as a way for the Curry School to establish coherent, sustained relationships with school districts that support the continuing professional development of the K12 education community. The model for these relationships incorporates job-embedded professional learning and examines the possibilities for co-creation of learning opportunities within the districts we serve.

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UVA Center for Politics - Youth Leadership Initiative

The Youth Leadership Initiative, a program of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, develops free education resources designed to assist civics teachers, and encourage students to participate in the political process. YLI jump-starts a lifetime of civic engagement for the next generation by creating innovative technology-based projects that bring the American democratic process to life in your classroom.

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Virginia Ed Strategies

Virginia Ed Strategies, in collaboration with K-12, business, and community stakeholders, develops and implements innovative best practices to align education with employer needs and assist schools in improving academic and career outcomes for students.Virginia Ed Strategies is dedicated to ensuring excellence and innovation in our future workforce through effective K-12 education and business partnerships.

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Learning Forward Virginia

Learning Forward Virginia is an affiliate of Learning Forward, the largest professional learning membership association worldwide. Our mission is to build the capacity of leaders to establish and sustain highly effective professional learning. We believe effective professional learning is fundamental to student learning, and that student learning increases when educators reflect on professional practice and student progress.

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VCU School of Education - Office of Strategic Engagement

The VCU School of Education’s Office of Strategic Engagement collaborates with regional, national and international communities who seek research-informed practices to innovatively prepare educators to work effectively in urban and high needs schools that have been historically marginalized. The Office of Strategic Engagement customizes professional learning opportunities focused on creating equity in schools and communities through culturally responsive best practices explicitly focused on educator- and community-implicit biases.

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Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE)

VSTE is the premier professional development and advocacy organization for educators in Virginia. The Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE) was founded in 1986 as the Virginia Educational Computing Association and is Virginia’s affiliate of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). VSTE’s mission is to promote excellence in education through professional development endeavors supporting the integration of existing and emerging technologies.

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Global Virginia

Global Virginia’s mission is to build a Global Ready Virginia that has a strong multilingual, interculturally competent workforce. It prioritizes pathways to bilingualism/multilingualism, biliteracy, and intercultural competence for all by leveraging Virginia’s strong, diverse, and multilingual communities to propel our local and global economies, strengthening international trade and lead on issues of national security.

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VSU Wallace Foundation University Principal Preparation Initiative (UPPI)

The Wallace Foundation seeks to improve education and enrichment for disadvantaged children and foster the vitality of arts for everyone. In partnership with Virginia State University, the Foundation’s University Preparation Program Initiative (UPPI) provide funds to develop models over the next four years for improving university principal preparation programs and to examine state policy to see if it could be strengthened to encourage higher-quality training statewide.

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Virginia Tech National Capital Region Thinkabit Lab

Residing in the National Capital Region, the Thinkabit Lab at Virginia Tech provides hands-on teaching and learning experiences for over 6000 K-12 students and their teachers in Northern Virginia and DC area Title I schools annually. The Virginia Tech team in the Washington, D.C. area emphasizes technical and professional (STEM) Education and Workforce Development/Preparation. We assist schools in creative technical spaces (makerspaces) and distance learning options. A major focus is STEM education and technical career and college exploration for those who would be first-generation college attendees. We are very engaged in STEM and Career and Technical Education policy in the Commonwealth.

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New American History

New American History explores America’s past, harnessing the power of digital media, curiosity and inquiry. Its core projects are Bunk, a curated remix of contemporary online content, and American Panorama, an interactive digital atlas. New American History is made possible by generous gifts and the collaboration of students and staff at the University of Richmond.

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Virginia State University - College of Education

The overall goal of the College of Education at Virginia State University, given its underlying vision, mission, and philosophy, is to facilitate the development of reflective practitioners who analyze the emotions, experiences, and actions of others to create an unbiased learning environment, and serve as advocates for educational justice for all. This goal undergirds the development of successful candidates who are competent, caring, and culturally-responsive.

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Longwood University - College of Education and Human Services

Our commitment to the preparation of professionals drives our teaching and learning. Founded upon cooperative relationships, socially responsible values and sensitivity to individual and community needs we produce professionals who promote: student learning - for Longwood students as well as those we serve in the community; community involvement as a means to achieve the university mission of developing citizen scholars; and effective strategies that close the academic achievement and skills gap required to ethically serve people in a diverse society.

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Women Education Leaders in Virginia

The Women Education Leaders in Virginia shape the future by supporting women leaders in preK-16 education. We explore and bring to light new knowledge, ideas, and skills to serve those who are currently leading and provide the foundation for a new generation of women leaders.

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James Madison University - College of Education

The history of the College of Education is the history of James Madison University itself. JMU began as a college of education and to this day, epitomizes professional teacher preparation. We prepare young people to be leading contributors to their professions and to improvement of society, and we educate adults who want to achieve higher educational and career goals. As in the past, the challenges and changes that lie in the future will only serve to strengthen our academic programs and the students who participate in them.

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VDOE Region 5 TTAC and JMU College of Education

The mission of Virginia’s Training and Technical assistance Centers (TTAC) is to improve educational opportunities and contribute to the success of children and youth with disabilities (birth – 22 years). The Centers provide quality training and technical assistance in response to local, regional, and state needs. TTAC services increase the capacity of schools, school personnel, service providers, and families to meet the needs of children and youth.

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Southeastern Cooperative Education Programs

SECEP is the perfect example of cooperation in action. Our cooperative is comprised of eight school systems in Hampton Roads, who joined together to plan for and provide services to students with special needs. The organization provides a formal structure through which the participating school systems can plan and operate programs for children with special needs..

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Gaston Educational Consulting, LLC

Gaston Educational Consulting, LLC is an independent, Virginia-based educational and leadership consulting company that specializes in strategic planning, curriculum & instruction, leadership training, and organizational development. President and Chief Executive Officer David William Gaston is an experienced leader with a proven ability in reorganizing, reallocating, developing and executing strategic initiatives that significantly improve organizational and academic achievement, team building and organizational culture.

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Virginia Middle School Association

The Virginia Middle School Association is an alliance of schools and individuals advocating academic excellence in a supportive and equitable learning environment responsive to the diverse interest, talents, accomplishments and needs of young adolescents. We are the only middle-level specific organization of administrators and teachers in Virginia. Our goal is to provide member schools and staff members with resources they need to provide engaging, impactful learning opportunities for adolescent students.

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Virginia Association for Career and Technical Education

The Virginia Association for Career and Technical Education (Virginia ACTE) is the organization that advocates for, supports, and serves all aspects of Career and Technical Education for the benefit of education and the economy in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia ACTE is dedicated to expanding relevant and rigorous Career and Technical Education programs, enhancing leadership among its members, and influencing public policy for the benefit of Career and Technical Education students and professionals and developing a competitive workforce in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Reach Virginia

Reach Virginia serves as a catalyst for retaining novice educators. Bringing together school divisions, universities and other partners, Reach Virginia collectively sets the standards for a unified framework of high quality mentoring. The project works by connecting teachers who have recently entered their professional career with mentors who have a depth of experience in education in order to cultivate preparedness and acuity within the next generation of our educator workforce. Reach Virginia supports new teacher mentoring programs across 14 Northern Virginia school divisions.

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Veracity's mission is to bridge the trust gap between K-12 and EdTech providers. Through unbiased product assessment, we believe we can empower educators to make sound purchasing decisions and influence EdTech to focus on continuous improvement to drive educator and student success. We’re passionate about student success, educators devoted to our children and their futures, and innovators with vision for change.

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Virginia Learns

Virginia Learns is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and statewide education operating foundation. We are the Commonwealth’s platform for bringing together business and education leaders with the shared goal of a more modern and equitable Virginia public education system. Through aligned leadership, we inform and influence local and state decisionmakers; amplify the voices of those most impacted by education policy decisions; and advance state and local partnerships that bring needed change and positive results.

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Western Virginia Public Education Consortium

The Western Virginia Public Education Consortium (WVPEC) is a group of 24 public school districts in southwestern Virginia. Its mission is to improve education through professional development, collaboration, and by aiding efforts to find and hire qualified teachers and administrators. WVPEC actualizes this mission by providing professional upskilling events to inspire and improve great learning as well as routine job fairs to attract high quality educators to the Western Virginia area.

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Virtual Virginia

Virtual Virginia is a program of the Virginia Department of Education that provides flexible digital education opportunities to students and educators throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virtual Virginia is a partner to all Virginia public school divisions. Through these partnerships, VVA provides a variety of educational opportunities to K–12 students and educators throughout the Commonwealth.

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Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals

The Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals (VAESP) is a professional organization serving elementary and middle school principals and other education leaders throughout the state of Virginia. VAESP advocates, leads, and supports all PK-8 Virginia Principals and future Principals to ensure excellence and equity in education for all of Virginia’s students.

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Supporter Network

The Supporter Network is composed of both Supporter Organizations and individuals. These members demonstrate a commitment to supporting education modernization either across Virginia or in their local communities.

Cyndee Blount (Principal, Aqcuinton Elementary School)
Matt Hurt (Director, Comprehensive Instructional Program)
Jennifer Bishop Parish (Executive Director, Peake Childhood Center)
Melody D. Hackney (Superintendent, Hopewell City Public Schools)
Kelly Bisogno, (Coordinator of Fine Arts, Virginia Department of Education)
Herb Monroe (Assistant Superintendent, Caroline County Public Schools)
Amy Stamm, Ed.D. (Principal, Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools)
Victoria Sachar-Milosevich (Gifted Resource Specialist, Landstown High School)
Deb Reedy (Assistant Principal, McHarg Elementary School)
Maria Lawson-Davenport, Ed.D. (Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Suffolk Public Schools)
Meghan Raftery (Freelance Educator)
Sarah Tanner-Anderson (Program Director/Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Longwood University College of Education and Human Services)
Steve Geyer (Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Goochland County Public Schools)
Gabrielle Ryman (Assistant Superintendent for Teaching, Learning and Innovation, Shenandoah County Public Schools)
Shameka Gerald (Vice President of Learning, YELLOW)
Leah Dozier Walker (Founder and Principal Consultant, Modern Impact Solutions)



National Partners

Our National Partners include organizations with multi-state or national operations that are nonprofits or for-profits.

Aurora Institute
Advanced Learning Partnerships
First Quarter Strategies
Graduation Alliance


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