VACTE Teacher Educators’ Journal vol.16(2)

The Virginia Associated of Colleges and Teacher Educators released a special summer edition of the Teacher Educators' Journal in July 2023. This edition highlights the work of the Partnership in a piece entitled "The Commonwealth Learning Partnership: How Virginia’s Education Vanguard Came Together to Equip Teachers, Modernize Public Education, and Spur Educational Change."
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Introducing Durable Skills

With help from the video production team at Capital One, Virginia Learns captures the educators and students at Greenwood Elementary School developing durable skills in their student body while business leaders explain the importance of these skills over the lifetime of one's career.
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Are education leaders mismeasuring schools’ vital signs?

In this article, author David Osborne asks readers to consider the metrics by which educators measure school quality.
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Learning Forward's Revised Standards for Professional Learning

In this article, Learning Forward presents Standards for Professional Learning to describe the conditions, content, and processes for professional learning that leads to high-quality leading, teaching, and learning for students and educators.
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5 Ways to Engage Families Around Student Learning

This article describes five strategies school systems can use to support family engagement in student learning and cultivate trust between educators and the student's family.
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