Introducing Durable Skills

With help from the video production team at Capital One, Virginia Learns captures the educators and students at Greenwood Elementary School developing durable skills in their student body while business leaders explain the importance of these skills over the lifetime of one's career.
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Beyond the Book: A Call to Action Session 3

This is a recording of the first portion of Beyond the Book: A Call to Action (Session 3) that took place on March 9, 2021. The Commonwealth Learning Partnership organized this session alongside faculty from George Mason University College of Education and Human Development. The book Antiracist Professional Development for In-Service Teachers served as the subject matter for this event.
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101 Education Advocacy Workshop - Q&A with VDOE

This recording captures the first section of the Commonwealth Learning Partnership's 101 education advocacy workshop that took place on February 23, 2021. Holly Coy, Assistant Superintendent for Policy, Equity & Communications at the Virginia Department of Education, remarks on state of education policy as the General Assembly's special session draws to a close.
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Education Advocacy Series Highlight Reel

This is a playlist of short clips from our Education Advocacy Series for Virginia Educators, District and School Staff. Through this resource, we provide quick access to the key points mentioned by our panelists during the recorded advocacy trainings.
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Education Advocacy Series - How to Change School Division Policy

This advocacy conversation focuses on advocacy at the local level within communities, school divisions, and local school boards. Listeners will learn strategies on when and how to engage and advocate with a local school board, when issues should be raised with an individual school compared to a local school board, the importance of building relationships for effective advocacy, how to prepare messages so that they are effectively relayed, and the use of social media in advocacy.
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