Education Advocacy Series - Engaging with the Virginia Department of Education

This conversation highlights how the executive branch of Virginia state government develops and executes policies that impact the Commonwealth’s education system. Discussants explore the ways in which public advocates can communicate effectively with policymakers in state agencies and the governor’s administration in order to share their concerns and suggestions.
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Education Advocacy Series - Overview of the Virginia General Assembly

This conversation explores the basics of effective public advocacy with regard to the Virginia state legislature. During the conversation, discussants provide suggestions and review definitions of legislative proceedings to guide first-time advocates toward experiencing a more productive meeting with members of the Virginia legislature and their staff.
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Education Advocacy Series - Navigating Federal Policy and Congressional Staff Meetings

This conversation focuses on effective strategies for federal policy and advocacy. Discussants provide insights into current federal government education policy deliberations, the role of the federal government in education, and advice on what successful advocacy looks like for practitioners engaging with members of Congress.
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Education Advocacy Series - Education Equity and Racial Justice Across Virginia

This conversation focuses on education equity and racial injustice advocacy across Virginia. Listeners will learn about the Virginia Department of Education’s efforts to achieve educational equity across the state, connections to educational equity and today’s national conversations and reckoning on racial injustice, the need for anti-racist education work, and ways the field can begin to intentionally respond to this moment in time.
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Education Advocacy Series - Introduction and Overview

This conversation provides an overview of the Commonwealth Learning Partnership’s Education Advocacy Series for Virginia educators, district, and school staff. Listeners will learn about Virginia’s efforts to modernize public education to better prepare high school graduates for a changing world, the purpose and inception of the Commonwealth Learning Partnership, and the importance of having educators, district and school staff engaged in advocacy and policy conversations.
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