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Supporting Students with Disabilities

The National Center for Learning Disabilities developed a repository of resources for educators and families to assist students with learning disabilities during this time of remote learning.
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Teaching Resources for Students and Teachers

PBS Learning Media has curated a list of free videos, lesson plans, and interactive activities for educators and students to use during this time. The site ensures that content aligns with education standards for each state.
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Wide Open School

Leading education organizations, technology companies, and media organizations have partnered to provide educators and parents with learning resources to assist students in grades PreK-12.
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50 Writing Prompts for All Grade Levels

Edutopia provides a host of writing prompts for students of all ages to engage their communication and creative thinking skills.

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Shifting to At-Home Learning

TNTP offers a free guide for school districts to provide high-quality learning while students are at home, which includes topics related to instructional models, routines, and learning culture.

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