Guiding Principles

Reinvest in Virginia’s Education Workforce

Our Standards & Procedures

To ensure a productive and respectful working environment, members agree to uphold certain standards of conduct upon joining the Commonwealth Learning Partnership. These guidelines are rooted in our core values of equity, empowerment, and engagement. Are you interested in joining the Partnership? Check out our guiding principles below to learn more about how we operate!

General Conduct

  • Members agree to be engaged, inclusive participants that support and contribute to the mission of the Partnership.
  • Members commit to demonstrate good-faith efforts that leverage the competencies, skill-sets and dispositions in the Profile of a Virginia Educator, Profile of a Virginia Education Leader, and Profile of a Virginia Classroom. These efforts are undertaken in order to strengthen professional learning opportunities for educators across the Commonwealth as they build capacity for the implementation of the Profile of a Virginia Graduate.
  • Members agree to engage diplomatically with fellow members in discussions pertaining to the trajectory of the Partnership, its goals and any financial or policy decisions that may arise.
  • Members agree to make public resources and events developed by their organization available for display and promotion on the Partnership website.

Procedural Expectations

  • The Partnership will regularly convene meetings to discuss relevant policy, financial, and/or administrative matters. Partners agree to make representatives of their organization available for such discussions, as appropriate, whether in-person or through teleconferencing methods.
  • The Director of the Partnership will be responsible for developing and distributing meeting resources, including but not limited to: agenda, itinerary, and presentation materials.
  • In the event the Partnership must reach a decision regarding financial or policy matters, the Director will submit a proposal to members for consideration. Members agree to cast one (1) vote in favor or opposition to the proposal within a reasonable amount of time set forth and agreed on by the Director and Partnership. In the event of a tie, the Director will evaluate the results and propose a modified solution to members for consideration.
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